Tuesday, January 11, 2011

In the beginning...

Every story has a beginning and this is ours.  We officially became an "item" December 2010.  Here's the first picture we have as a couple.  This was our midnight kiss on New Year's 2011:

December 2010 is the start to our life together, but it's far from our actual beginning.  We go waaaay back to 1998, our glorious college daze... 

We met in the fall of my freshman year at Robert's frat house.  My friend Debbie brought me to a party at the house, her cousin was a member as well.  I met Robert and Adam and we all hit it off! 

We were your typical college students...late night parties followed by trips to the always delicious Waffle House, tailgating at football games, drinking in the morning, just because we could, and causing general mayhem.  Oh yeah, and we went to class too, most of the time.  Yes, we graduated. Don't judge.

College was a damn good time!  I strongly believe that everyone needs to go away to college to get the irresponsible kid out of their system and to learn a few lessons about the real world.  Like I said, DAMN good time!

We lost touch after college, as people do when they go their separate ways and then in 2010, Robert and I found each other on Facebook.  We talked for a while and then decided to get together to hang out like old times, so we met in Hot Springs for a weekend.  It was so fun!

Then a few weeks later I drove from Little Rock to Bentonville to join Robert and his family for a Razorback tailgate.  Woooooo! Pig Sooie!

Ultimately, we found that we still really enjoyed each other's company just as much as we had years before.  So we kept taking turns traveling to see each other and we ended up a couple!  We have the best time together. He's truly perfect for me.  :)

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