Friday, January 21, 2011

Meeting the fam

I brought Robert to my adorable niece's second birthday party so he could meet some of my family.  He fit right in!  And my brother likes him.  That's a first as far as guys I've dated. Ha! Robert is so in! 

We had a really good time playing with the babies and hanging the fam.  This is the birthday girl, Josie. See? I told you she's adorable...

That's my little chicken-nugget!! And this is Baby Forrest, Josie's little brother.  What a good baby to sport a Razorback bib! 

Robert's middle name is Forrest so, naturally, he thought Baby Forrest was the coolest! He loved carrying that lil' guy around.
Josie's party was fun and once again, my brother and his wife were awesome hosts!  I think it's really cool they let Robert come and be a part of our family get-together.  Thanks, Steve and Heather!  And thanks for the yummy cupcakes!

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