Monday, May 9, 2011


Robert and I camped this weekend with his Uncle Bobby.  Fiona and Henry came along and Robert's brother, Adrian, and his kids came out to visit at the campsite one day. 

I love to camp.  There's nothing like kickin' it in nature for a few days with no watches or cell phones.

We camped on the Mulberry River, which is some of the best floating in northwest Arkansas.  However, the river was way up, so we didn't canoe. 

We did a lil' fishin' and drank a few beers and much needed relaxing time.

Here's the summary of our trip in snapshots. 

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Moving and the Storm

I moved to Bentonville this past week!  Robert and I were tired of driving three hours to see each other every weekend, so I found a job and made the move.  Just like that!!  It was a crazy whirl-wind move.  My last day at the clinic was Wednesday and after I left work I drove to Bentonville to pick up Robert. 

The whole way there I encountered crazy storms, complete with tornado warnings, torrential downpours and hail.  I kept my radio on and Robert watched the radar.  I managed to dodge the tornadoes by 30 minutes here and there, thank goodness!  Anyone who knew I was on the road thought I was nuts.  And maybe I am, but I made it!

I took some photos just as the rain was ending.  I could see the blue sky in the distance and the clouds were letting up and the sun was going down.

I picked up Robert and we headed back to Little Rock the same night.  We got the moving truck the next morning.  I really didn't think I had that much stuff to move, so I had told Robert that we probably only needed a 10 ft truck.  Because he's a super-ninja-genius, he booked a 14 ft truck, just in case.  When we went to pick it up the 14 ft trucks were all gone, so we were upgraded to a 17 ft truck.

And we filled it to the brim.

And still had to pack my car to the gills.

Where the heck did all of this stuff come from??!!

We drove to Bentonville at 10pm Thursday night.  Needless to say, we were EXHAUSTED Friday morning.  We slept in for a while, but still managed to unpack the truck and get it returned on time. 

I start my new job on Monday with Ivie, and I'll be working on the Sam's Club account.  I'm so excited to be here with Robert!  I can't believe I really made the move!

Now I need to sell this cute little house!  Spread the word, yo!