Sunday, July 17, 2011

We Eloped!

That's right, folks!  Robert and I ran off this morning and got married!!

(Don't mind that date on the photo, I promise it really happened today!)  

We decided on Thursday that we wanted to go ahead and get married.  I mean, why wait?  We're not getting any younger, we know we want to be together for the long haul and we're ready to start a family now.

On Friday I booked the location in Eureka Springs, we shopped for rings at lunch and I shopped for a dress after work that evening.  

This morning we drove to Eureka with our buddy Adam in tow (he was our witness and photographer) and we tied the knot, kissed, and cut the cake!  

Best. Wedding. Ever.  Completely stress free, just the way weddings rarely ever are, but really should be!

Early this afternoon my brother Steve and his wife Heather and their two kids came to town to celebrate with us.  We had told just our immediate families our plan yesterday. :) It was a lot of fun making calls and spreading the surprise today.

We had some of the neighbors over and cooked out, drank mimosas and had a fun afternoon celebrating our marriage.  I wouldn't have wanted our wedding day to be any other way.  It was perfect!

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