Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

If there was an award for it, Robert and I would have won "Scariest House" for our neighborhood.  Seriously, we had little kids who refused to walk up to our door while their mothers shot us dirty looks from the lawn.  It was pretty awesome.

At the beginning of October I asked Robert if he had any Halloween decorations, thinking that we could make the house a bit festive for the month.  He was all, "Oh yeah, I have a bunch of Halloween stuff!"

Here I am thinking about cute decorations, witches, ghosts and pumpkins, and Robert disappears into the attic and comes out with these guys:

Butcher Zombie

Baby Zombie

Scary Spider-Head Guy

A head hanging by his eyelids (gross!)

And this shifty-eyed ghost

Not exactly what I had in mind when I asked him about Halloween decorations...but it turned out to be really fun!

We decorated the front of our house with all the creepy stuff and strung spiderwebs everywhere.  We also changed out our bright white porch light for a low-watt yellow bulb to add to the atmosphere.  To top it off, we dressed up like zombies to hand out candy.

It was dark by the time the trick-or-treaters started showing up.

Adam and his kids came over to help hand out candy too.  Preston wasn't sure about us looking like zombies, but he got over it and we all had a really fun time.  Both kids still refuseed to walk past the scary guys in the front though, so they had to leave through the garage. :)

Happy Halloween!

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