Monday, December 26, 2011

Our First Christmas

We celebrated our first Christmas together in our home this year.  We didn't travel on the holiday weekend itself, but we managed to spend some time with both of our families. 

The weekend before Christmas we went to Kansas City to visit my dad, step-mom, grandmas, brother, sister and their families. 

My mom and Gramma came to spend the night with us on the 23rd and we celebrated Christmas with them. 

The dogs were as happy to see Mom and Gramma as we were.  Check out that Boxer-lean.

My sweet Gramma.

Miska visited too, pretty girl!

Mom, Gramma and I took our annual "Three Generations" photo.  This year there's a fourth generation hiding in there too. :)

Mom and Gramma left on Christmas Eve morning to drive to my brothers house in Missouri.  After they left we spent the day at Robert's Dad's house and had Christmas with his family.

Robert's step-mom, Sharon and little sister, Courtney

Robert's dad, Jim

Our soon to be sister-in-law, Chelsea (Tyler's fiance)

Robert's brother, Blaine and sister, Courtney

On Christmas Day, Robert and I hung out in our PJ's all day, chilled with the pups and opened our gifts to each other.
Can you tell Robert liked his gift?  It's a coffee mug with our wedding photo and the first ultrasound photo of Baby Brown on it. 

This one was my favorite gift from Robert, a wedding ornament for our first married Christmas together.

The pups got some toys and we all had a lazy afternoon together.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Friday, December 23, 2011


Pregnancy cravings are no joke.  On my way home for lunch a couple of days ago, I had to stop at the gas station near our house to pick up some hand sanitizer for Robert.  He's been sick and is trying to prevent passing it along to me.

I went into the gas station for hand sanitizer and I left with Twinkies, zebra cakes, Swiss cake rolls and loaded baked potato chips, in addition to the hand sanitizer.  I guess the advice to never shop hungry would have been good to follow here.

I'm pretty sure the check-out guy was judging me.  I played it cool, but inside Chris Farley's SNL "Gap Girl" character was screaming, "Leave me alone, I'm STARVING!"

It's like a fat girl hijacked my body and my wallet.  It sure wasn't me, because I've never been much of a sweet eater.

I waddled out of there with a big grin on my face trying to decide what I would indulge in first.

The chips won.

This morning I woke up with an intense craving for fish sticks.  I was sitting at work, early in the morning when places were still serving only breakfast, and all I could think about was FISH STICKS!! 

Instead of concentrating on work, I was concentrating on how I could get some fish...should I go to the grocery store?  What brand is best there?  Will it take too long to bake them?  Will they be crispy? who serves fast food fish around here?  Which restaurant is closest?  I wonder when they start serving lunch...

I got off work at noon today, because tomorrow is Christmas Eve.  On my way home I stopped at McDonald's and ordered two fish sandwiches (and some lunch for Robert, because he's gotta eat too). 

When I got to the house I took 1/2 of each bun off of each sandwich (the side of the bun without the tartar sauce) and put the sandwiches together to make a glorious double-decker fish sandwich. 

It was the best tasting sandwich in the entire world, everything I had hoped it would be and more.  And now I want another...

Monday, December 12, 2011

Our first glimpse of Baby Brown

We had out first ultrasound this morning and we got to see the baby for the very first time and we saw the baby's heart beating!!  It was so amazing!  I almost cried when I saw that tiny heart thumping away. I still can't believe that we are really going to have our first child. 

Baby Brown looks like a peanut!  Hi there, little Baby!  Mom and Dad love you!

We will find out mid-February if the baby is a boy or a girl  We can't wait to know!!

We really lucked out with our doctor.  She's been great, she listens and answers all of our questions and we don't feel rushed by her.  And today she printed out two copies of the ultrasound photo so that we could each carry one with us. 

Robert and I both showed the photo of the baby to anyone who would look, lol, we are so freakin' excited!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Lights!

Robert and I decorated the house this weekend! And we're still married, so it was a success! :) Haha!

We need to get a couple more strings of icicle lights for that tree. They didn't stretch as far as we thought they would.

I just love the bushes along the front walk!

Yay, Christmas!