Monday, August 15, 2011

3rd Annual Family Lake Weekend

Every summer we get together with my family and go to Table Rock Lake in Branson, which is sort of the center point for all of us.  We have a pretty large group anymore (15!) and it's bound to grow some more. ;)  This is all of us.  We conned a neighbor kid into taking our picture.
On the back row we have my brother Chris, holding his daughter Claire, Chris's son Blake, Robert, me, my sister's husband Kris, my brother Steve holding his daughter Josie, and my Dad.  On the second row we have Chris's other son Brendan, my sister Nicki holding her son Luke, Steve's wife Heather holding their son Forrest, and my step-mom Joan.

Our weekend away is always a fun way to end the summer.  We rent a big house that will fit all of us and take turns cooking so we don't have to eat out.  We like being home-bodies.

During the days we rent a boat, tube and sometimes a jet ski and play on the lake!  The little kids prefer to go to the pool for the most part, but Luke actually got on the tube with Kris and Nicki this year and he really liked it!

We got a pontoon boat this year.  In the past we've rented deck boats, but the pontoon can hold all of us and it still goes fast enough to pull a tube so it was perfect! And so was the weather!

Robert and I took this photo of the crew on the boat while we were being pulled on the tube.



Robert with our nephew, Brendan:

Heather with her sweet babies, Forrest and Josie:

Dad and Josie:

During the evenings we played board games, poker and Wii, watched movies, relaxed together and had a few drinks!

Baby Forrest:

Luke and Josie:

The fam surprised me and Robert with a cake and champagne to celebrate our wedding last month!  Since we eloped we didn't have a traditional celebration with everyone.  It was so sweet of them to do that for us!

Joan, Dad, me and Robert celebrating our marriage!
The grey shirts were just coincidence, ha!  Can you tell we're related? Apparently Robert didn't get the memo...

It was a very fun and relaxing weekend!  Three days is never long enough, but I'll take what time I can get with my family.  I love those guys!

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