Sunday, February 5, 2012

17 Weeks

I'm 17 weeks along and Baby Brown is the size of a sweet potato, 5.5".  Our little peanut is growing fast! 

Apparently the baby's ears are developed enough to where he/she can hear now.  How fun is that?! 

Since this development, I've been singing to the baby on the way home from work.  I'm alone, in my car, belting out the ABC's and Old MacDonald at the top of my lungs.  :)

I'm sure if anyone could hear me they would get a good laugh.

Oh the things you do for the ones you love!

Speaking of ones I love, Robert and I worked on the dog house some more today.  We put up the interior walls. 

Yeah, that's right, I'm doing a construction project at 17 weeks!

We were going to put in the insulation and attach the exterior walls too, but Adam told us that insulation isn't healthy for a pregnant lady to be around, so he is coming over tomorrow to do that part with Robert.

We go back to the doctor tomorrow and at that appointment we will schedule when we will find out the gender.  I CAN'T WAIT TO KNOW!  Neither can Robert.  The suspense is killing us!

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