Friday, February 24, 2012

Cookie Cake

With my birthday approaching, Robert kept asking me what I wanted for a gift.  I didn't have any good ideas, but I did know that I wanted a cookie cake.   And I told him about it over and over again during the two weeks before my birthday.

A few days before my birthday we were talking about the cake and he paused and said, "So you're serious about wanting a cookie cake?  I thought you were kidding!  I was going to get you an ice cream cake."

No, no ice cream cake! COOKIE CAKE, ok??!!!!!

Yes, I'm serious!

Not only that, but I told him that I didn't want the bakery just to scribble "Happy Birthday, Leslie!" in icing, I needed LOTS of icing.  Like, have them cover the entire thing in icing and then write on top of that.

I NEED icing on every single bite of that cookie!

Pregnant much?

I came home from work yesterday and looked around for my cake, but didn't see it.  So I asked Robert, "Where's my cake?"

He tried to tell me that he didn't get me a cake.  Yeah, right!  I said that I knew him better than that and I know that he wouldn't have not gotten me a cake after all the cake discussions we had. 

I was all, "I know you are just trying to upset me, so I'll just wait patiently for my cake" and left it at that.

Later on, some friends show up and after they had been there for a few minutes, Robert and Adam came to me with these long, sad faces and Robert said, "I just want you to know that you were right, I wouldn't have not gotten you the cake.  I ordered it and paid for it.  The problem is that when Adam went to pick it up the bakery had already closed.  I'm really sorry!"

Then he followed up with, "I'll get it for you first thing tomorrow and then you can eat all of it if you want to!"

I was all, "Eat it on my not-birthday??!  That's the only thing I even asked for..."

Robert looked like he felt really bad about it, so I let it go.  I mean, shit happens.  If the bakery is closed there's not much I could do about it!

A little while later, we were well into a card game and Robert disappeared into the kitchen for a drink refill.

He came back carrying MY COOKIE CAKE and singing Happy Birthday! 

I punched him in the arm.

The cookie cake was soooo good, with a ton of icing on it.  They even put a cupcake liner filled with extra icing, then wrote, "Hope you like the icing!" (That was Robert's idea after I made such a big deal about the amount of icing I wanted, hahaha!)

Messing with a pregnant girl's food on her birthday, eh?  Verrrrry dangerous, Robert, very! 

But I do love the cake, in fact I had some for first breakfast this morning. (And yes, "first breakfast" does imply that there is a second breakfast.  Don't judge.  I'm growing a person.)


  1. That's hilarious, and nice cookie cake!

  2. That's hilarious, and nice cake.