Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dog Door

The guys have made some really great progress on the dog house!  The siding is on, the roof inside is insulated and covered and the dog door is installed.

Pretty cute house those dogs have!

Robert and Adam had to train the dogs to use the dog door.  I never thought about it before, but I guess going through a flap into the unknown can be quite scary for a dog. 

They practiced with all of the dogs until they were comfortable going in and out of the house.

Everyone did ok with it, except for Fiona.  My honey-girl didn't like that dog door!  They got her to go inside, but she wouldn't come back out. 

Adam lifted up the flap and she just stood inside the door looking really worried.

Then she went back inside and proceeded to lick the window a bunch of times with her massive tongue.  (She probably just thought the window looked dirty and wanted to wash it before she came out.)

Finally, after some more coaxing she decided to come out the dog door.  Yay, Fiona!

Robert has actually worked with the dogs on maneuvering the dog door a few more times since then and they all seem to be comfortable with it now.  Even Fiona will go in and out of it.

I bought some outdoor fabric and covered their huge dog beds with it so their beds will clean easily.  I even installed zippers!  I hadn't done zippers before. 

The first bed went smoothly and I got the zipper in right the first time. However, on the second bed I got the zipper in there backwards on my first attempt, then sewed it on the outside of the bed the second attempt. 

The third time was a charm and I got the zipper in correctly.

Man, that was frustrating!  It was late and I was tired and was all like "screw you, zipper!!"

The dogs are really digging having beds in there.  After all that fear of the dog door, Fiona is in the dog house napping on her bed every time we go outside anymore.

Hopefully we'll get the shingles on soon and the painting completed and this thing will be a done deal!

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