Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our Valentine Getaway

Robert and I celebrated Valentine's Day in Eureka Springs this past weekend.   We stayed at the Basin Park Hotel and started off our Saturday morning with a much-needed couples massage.  We spent that afternoon going into all of the shops in the downtown area and checking out the amazing local artists. 

This is the Queen Anne Mansion.  We didn't take a tour, but I wanted to snap a photo of it anyway.  When I was little I thought this was the coolest house I'd ever seen.  I called it "my" house and I remember telling my mom that someday I would live here!  It's like a fairy tale princess house, every little girl's dream. 

That was a good little weekend escape for us! 

While we were away, the dogs spent their first night in the dog house and they did really well.  The dog house is insulated heavier than most people-houses are, so they were warm and protected from the elements. 

I can't express how relaxing and awesome it was to be away and not have to worry about when someone was letting them in and out and what they were getting into while they were unattended in the house at night.  Yay for the dog house!  Yay for the weekend!  Yay for Valentine's Day!!

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