Sunday, March 4, 2012

21 Weeks and All that Jazz

We are 21 weeks along with 19 more to go!  And the countdown officially begins...

Baby Girl Brown is now the length of a banana, 7 inches.  (Note: I STILL think the sweet potato was larger than both the mango and the banana.  I guess I bought too big of a potato.)

I have some really exciting news to share. I felt Baby Girl Brown move for the first time last night! I had gotten up to pee for the 47th time, and I laid back down, got comfortable and was laying still when I felt her tap me a few times toward my left side!

That was soooo amazing! 

Now that we know it's a sweet baby girl, we've been working on names for her.  Naming a baby is so hard!  I mean, it's permanent.  (Unless you want to pay $100 at the courthouse to change it later on, but who really wants to do that?) Her name has to be something that will sound good on the playground or in the board room.  That's a big responsibility!

We sure don't want her to get made fun of because of her name, so first it has to pass the "banana-fana" song-test and then we have to see what else we can rhyme with it to make fun of the name. 

Robert and I have also been looking up meanings of every name, to make sure it's something good.  We've ruled out quite a few based on meaning alone.

So wish us luck!  We'll let you know when we have settled on the perfect name for our little girl.

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