Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cap'n Crunch's Bad Grammar

I have a gripe with the Cap'n Crunch box.  Besides not spelling out "Captain" (I guess that makes it two gripes...), the punctuation on the front of the box is incorrect.

The "Crunch-a-tize me Cap'n!" desperately needs a comma.  It really needs to be "Crunch-a-tize me, Cap'n!"  I feel the urge to add the comma with a marker every time I look at the box.

Really, Quaker folks?  No one on your branding or marketing teams caught that?

This probably isn't a huge deal, but when we are in a world where college educated adults can't even manage to use "you're" vs. "your" when appropriate, to me, this deserves some attention.  I mean, kids are reading this box and it's all kinds of wrong.

That's all. I'll climb down from my soapbox now.

I do love the oh-so-delicious contents of the box, so I will continue to purchase the Crunch Berries variety on a regular basis of two boxes per week and will draw in the comma's myself while praying that the Cap'n Crunch folks get some grammar lessons.

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