Thursday, March 8, 2012

Security Bunny

Like a lot of kids, when I was little I had a security blanket, or rather a security bunny.  It was a Fisher Price bunny security blanket (basically a bunny head on a blanket).  It went EVERYWHERE with me.  It was the love of my little toddler life!  

See?  Me and the bunny were inseparable BFF's.

I even have an Olan Mills professional portrait somewhere with the bunny in it.

In fact, I was so attached to the bunny that my mom bought two extra bunnies to swap out with me so she could get the current dirty bunny away from me long enough to wash it. 

She didn't tell me about the extra ones though, she was slick like that.  

My mom continued to let me think there was only one bunny until one day me and the bun were doing laundry with her and, lo and behold, we found TWO MORE BUNNIES in the pile of clothes!  

Holy jackpot, Batman!

I remember being so completely overjoyed and in shock at my marvelous find.  

And I remember thinking that bunnies must come from the basement. I mean, what other explanation was there?

I was always keen on going through the laundry pile after that, in case there were any more bunnies lurking about.

Needless to say, from that point on I traipsed around with three bunnies clutched in my fists at all times.  

Good luck getting me to let go of all three for a bath, Mom! Haha!

My mom sewed and repaired my bunnies many times, and she eventually bought me a shiny new pink one, which I promptly lost at dance class.

One blue bunny was also lost along the way, but I still have these two to this day:

As you can see, they were literally loved to pieces.  The one on the right even had a rhinoplasty at some point after I loved his nose straight off his face.

So here I am, at age 32, preparing for my daughter's arrival and last night I had the brilliant idea that Baby Girl Brown should have a bunny too!

This morning I woke up and got online right away to look for a bunny.  Do you know what I found?

My beloved bunny is now "vintage" (the polite way of saying OLD), I can only find it for sale on sites like eBay and it retails for $198!

One hundred and ninety-eight freaking dollars!  Seriously??!!

(I actually wouldn't part with mine for twice that much, but nobody would want to buy my tattered old bunnies anyway.)

After some searching, I found a lady that makes replicas that look pretty close to the real thing for around $36.  

I was talking to my mom at lunch and she was just as shocked about the bunny prices as I was.  Mom offered to buy a replica for Baby Girl Brown so she can have a bunny too.

Man, I love my mom!  She understands how much getting that bunny for my little girl means to me.  Maybe it's a silly sentiment, but I don't really care one bit. 

When she's old enough to read this Baby Girl Brown will understand everything behind her worn, loved bunny and hopefully it will mean as much to her as it does to me.  

I'm so excited that my little girl will have a bunny too!  Thanks, Mom!

Bunny Power!


  1. My story is identical to yours! I think I had 4 yellows and 1 pink. All I have now are 2 yellows and still my 1 pink, and Loved to death they are! I spent an absurd amount of money to buy one when I was pregnant, purchased a pink and then found out I was having a boy. Bummer, Pink went on the shelf. Talk about lucky, my older cousin found a mint Blue (I never even knew there was a blue) at a yard sale for 25 cents... 25 CENTS! It brought me to tears when I opened the package and saw a perfect bunny for my little guy. He's now obsessed and just as I loved mine I know he will love his so I'm looking for a back up but not looking to spend what I paid for pink. Can you post information for the person who makes the replicas?


  2. SJ: This is where I am getting my replica made: She's really easy to work with! Good luck with your bunny!

  3. My daughter deploys to Afghan next month and I thought what a great gift for Christmas for her to take "Boo Boo Bunny" with here. Imagine my shock when I tracked them down on ebay and etsy. This was her big security item as a child also. Maybe the replica will work i will check it out.

  4. Have either of you ladies ordered a replica? My son is currently loving my already loved to death bunny, to death! Lol. So we really need another bunny because he is only 10months old and we obviously have quite a few more years to love bunny. Thanks a bunch:-)

  5. Yes, I got one from that link I posted It's perfect and my baby girl loves it!

  6. I too loved my bunny blankets! I originally had a blue, pink and two yellows (I have never heard the story of why I had so many). My original pink was left in the garage when I was about 4 and a squirrel knocked it into a pan of oil, so out that one went. Then in my pre-teen years I took the two yellows with me on a church trip. My best friend's job was to check the room for 'left behind' items and mine was to do the bathroom. It wasn't until we were hours down the road that I looked in my bag and realized they weren't in there. A call to the hotel turned up nothing and I was devastated. I still have my blue one (he has also been 'lost' a few times since then but luckily I've always found him) and he is in tatters. I spent a ridiculous amount on a pink one when I was pregnant with my daughter (although not even close to the current prices) and I never gave it to her... I kept it. *insert ashamed face here* I rub the satin when I'm stressed and it helps more than anything in the world! So I got around to looking them up again and was amazed at the current prices. I found a lady on who makes replicas for $23, and even had a buy 2 get $5 off deal going on! I bought two, and will probably order them for any shower gifts I give in the future. They are a very unique and great gift! Her etsy site is called Suzie's Imaginarium.