Sunday, April 8, 2012

She has a NAME!

Baby Girl Brown finally has a name!  Well, a first name anyway; we're still working on the middle name.  

When we first found out we were expecting, we downloaded a Baby Name app onto my iPhone and Robert and I took turns going through the app and marking names we like. 

Before we found out that the baby was a girl, we had a boy name all picked out, because we thought it was going to be a boy.  We had not really given a lot of thought to girl names at that point.  

Then the reveal party happened and holy crap, it's a girl!  Back to the drawing boards we went.

We whipped the app back out and took turns adding girl names for a while until the list turned into something ridiculous and I finally told Robert it was "last call" for adding new names.

I put the names we had onto a spreadsheet so we could look at them more easily.

We had 104 names picked out.  Geez...

I gave a copy of the list to Robert and we both went through on our own and weeded out ones we didn't like.  I got my list down to 20 and Robert narrowed his down to around 35ish.  

We went out for dinner one night with our lists and highlighters in tow and we compared lists to see what we had in common.  That got us down to about 11 names.  

We talked about all of them, looked up meanings, sang the "banana-fana" song and managed to walk away from dinner with a "top five" list in hand.

Over the next few weeks we got our list down to our three favorite names and we talked about all of them regularly, but couldn't really decide what to go with.

Finally, on Friday night I made a deal with Robert.  I told him that if he let me pick the one I like best from our top three, then he could choose the middle name from the agreed-upon list of middle names that we have picked out.

He agreed, so....

is now the name of the baby formally known as Baby Girl Brown.

Kylie is the feminine version of Kyle.  The Yiddish meaning of Kyle is victorious.  Kylie is also derived from the Aboriginal word for boomerang.  Hopefully, combining all that means that she will bounce back quickly from anything and be victorious in whatever she decides to do. 

Go, baby, go!

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