Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Gotta watch this...

This video was sent to me by a lady I work with at the Sam's Club home office.  It's hysterical!  Props to this preggo momma for busting these moves at 39 weeks.  She's impressive!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

31 Weeks and a New Baby Niece

I know, I know, we totally missed the 29 week photo, so it's been 4 weeks since the last prego pic.  I even bought the fruit 2 weeks ago, we just never made time for a photo.

Ok, let me tell ya, at 29 weeks the "What to Expect" app said the baby was 17", the size of a cabbage.

Wait. What??

In what realm of reality does a 17 inch cabbage exist?  Does the author of this app pump her veggies full of steriods?  Or does she not know what cabbage is?

This week the baby is 18", the size of a head of lettuce. 

Again, I'm not sure where this monster lettuce exists, but I know it's not in the Bentonville Wal-Mart. 

I checked.

Given that I could only find "normal" sizes of the recommended leafy greens, I took a stroll around the produce section to see what would qualify as an appropriate size.

Bok choy looked like a good candidate, but let's be honest, I'm not sure what one does with bok choy.

Then I spotted a pineapple!  Hell yeah!  Pineapple it is!

Yes, I'm big.  I know.  Some old dude at Wal-Mart made sure I was aware of just how big.

"Are you carrying twins?"

"No, just one"

"Are you SURE it's not twins?"

"Yep, I looked.  It's just one."

"Your due date must be next week from the looks of you!"

Sigh.  I wish. 

And did he really just say that to me??

Speaking of due dates, my sister had her daughter on April 30!  Meet sweet Baby Emilee, our newest niece.

Isn't she beautiful?  We can't wait to meet her! 

I was hoping to go up to KC after she arrived, but I think my trip up there a few weeks ago before my shower needs to be the last road trip for me.  I'm getting increasingly uncomfortable, especially sitting, and it's starting to be tough to get in and out of the Prius. (Insert fat girl/little car joke here.)

It's all good though.  9 more weeks and Baby Kylie will be here!  We can't wait!!