Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Kylie's Middle Name!!

The rumors are true!  Robert has picked a middle name for our baby girl, just in time for her birth coming up on Tuesday.  Her full name is going to be...

The double K's are deliberate by Robert so that she can have the nickname "KK". :) 

I love it!

We are almost done with her nursery and will post pictures as soon as it's done, which I hope will be by Saturday.

In other pregnancy news, I've got a serious hankering for snow cones these days.  It's about as bad as when I was craving cake for all those months.

I'm totally over cake these days.

The bad news (for me) is that the closest snow cone shack that I can find is over in Rogers.  Though the drive is worth it because they have the most glorious strawberry-banana snow cones, such as this one that I got this evening...

Oh man, that looks soooo tasty!

(Drooling just a little bit here...)

I may or may not have purchased a snow cone maker for the house.

Ok ok, so I did, though it's kind of a dissapointment.  It's just not the same.

It's more like eating ice chips and less like eating snow.  I'm considering taking it back, because it just doesn't do the trick to satisfy my craving.

Sooo, for all of you who will be visiting me in the hospital next week after Baby Kylie arrives, just remember, snow cones are better than cards and flowers. :P


Thursday, June 21, 2012

36 Week Baby Update - BREECH!!

Robert and I went to our 36 week appointment today and it was sure interesting! 

Last week I started having some signs of labor (I'll spare you the details...TMI), so I called the doctor's office and they told me to minimize my activity, keep my feet elevated and drink a lot of water to try to prolong labor as long as possible.  They wanted me to at least make it to 36 weeks, which I did!

Today we went in and I had my first cervix exam to see how I'm progressing.  I'm 80% effaced and 2-3cm dilated. 

I asked the doctor if she could tell if Kylie is head down and in the right position. 

She said she didn't want to push on my cervix anymore to determine if it is the head that she can feel down there, because it's too thin and she could easily break my water, so she brought in the ultrasound machine.

She started it up and her first words were, "Uh oh...that's not a head!"  Kylie is completely sitting upright in there.  Her little head is in my ribs.

I looked at Robert and said, "We've been poking her in the head all this time!"  We poke the mass on my upper right side to play with her sometimes when she is moving around.  We just thought we were poking her butt! 

Sorry, Baby Kylie!  Mom and Dad didn't mean to poke you in the head so much!

With her sitting breech, that means we will have to have a c-section in order to get her out.  The doctor said she is probably too big to turn easily at this point and she doesn't want to put any pressure on my uterus because my water could break.

I'm going to have a c-section on July 3, at exactly 38 weeks.  Only 12 more days!

And that's IF we make it that long.  She said that I could easily go into labor before then, because of how far progressed I am already.

I was honestly shocked that she is not in the right position.  I don't know why, but I just assumed that Kylie was behaving perfectly in there!

At first, I was really upset about having a c-section, but now that I've had a few hours to get used to it, I'm ok with it.  There are some definite laboring, quick delivery, no cone-head baby...sure, there are some cons too, but I'm not going to worry about those. 

As my doctor said, "Welcome to just have to roll with it!"

Friday, June 15, 2012

More Bad Grammar

I came across this on Facebook and it was too good not to share, being the grammar police and all...

Commas save lives, people!

Capitalization is also hugely important.  For example, capitalization can mean the difference between, "Helping your Uncle Jack off a horse" and "helping your uncle jack off a horse".

See what I mean?  Huge difference. Huge!

Monday, June 11, 2012


Issued to: Kylie Brown

I, Mommy, henceforth referred to as "Landlord", am issuing a notice of eviction. Kylie, henceforth referred to as "Tenant", will have to comply and promptly vacate the premises within 30 days. Failure to comply will result in physical removal from the property by induction.

Tenant is being evicted due to breach of contract and destruction of property. Expansions to the front of the property only, within reasonable limits, were discussed. Not only have these limits been exceeded, but additions to the back and sides of the property were also made without approval from the Landlord.

Remodeling and gutting of the property was never approved, nor was changing the initial layout and base structure. Due to the damage by the Tenant, the foundation has been compromised, and the structural integrity of the property is questionable.

Since Tenant moved in, there have been constant plumbing problems, to include frequent leaks and sewage backups. In addition, the Landlord understands that the Tenant has been kicking and hitting some of the furniture that was provided at no extra cost.

The Landlord has also received numerous complaints about frequent nightly disturbances.

The Landlord strongly urges the Tenant to vacate the property voluntarily before the official eviction date, July 12, 2012, otherwise the authorities will come in and remove Tenant by force.

Thank you for understanding!


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Induction Date

At our 32 week appointment, Robert and I learned that our beloved Dr. Ford is leaving the practice in July and moving to Washington DC, due to her husband's job transferring him.  Her last day is July 20, my due date is July 17...

Panic set in.

For reals.

I mean, there is no part of me that wants to switch doctors during labor.  My doctor has been with me the whole way.  She knows my health history, Kylie's history and Robert and I both really, really like her and want her to be there.

So, we told her she can't move.

Kidding!  Though I wish we could do that...

In reality, Robert and I decided to talk to our doctor about inducing labor to make sure that we had her present at the birth.

She agreed and let us schedule a date for induction!

Miss Kylie (still no middle name) Brown will be evicted on July 12, 2012, if she doesn't make an appearance on her own before then.

We can't wait to meet her!  37 more days...

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Week 34 Ramblings

I'm 34 weeks along now, though this is my 33 week photo...I just didn't get around to a blog post. 

I've decided that I am boycotting the fruit/veggie thing from here on out, unless my iPhone app says that Baby Kylie is as big as a watermelon.  I might have to do that one, because it already looks like I'm smuggling a watermelon under my shirt.

This week my app says she's as big as a pineapple.

Really, app??!

I used a flippin' pineapple at 31 weeks because the cabbage at Wal-Mart was too small.

Oh, what's a girl to do?

My dad had a good thought on it.  He said maybe the app is referring to the circumference of the fruit/veggie.  That would certainly be true of measuring around the cabbage.  It makes total sense there, but not so much around the pineapple this week. 

I give up.  No more stinkin' produce!

At 34 weeks I've decided that I need to quit walking for exercise.  My pup Henry and I went walking last Tuesday (it had been a week or so since my last walk) and when I got home my stomach and pelvic muscles ached really badly.

It hurt to walk that evening, and Wednesday morning I worked from home because it was too painful to walk very far. 

My pelvic muscles still hurt a lot when I'm up walking around, but my stomach muscles are doing better.

I'm guessing the muscle strain is due to my ginormous belly bouncing around during my walk.  What can I say, Henry and I were trying to keep a decent pace!

My doctor said it's probably getting too hard on my body to do that anymore.  She said to get plenty of rest and drink lots of water. 

I think I can handle that.

I managed to get my new flower bed planted two weeks ago...the bed that we tilled and created back in April that runs along our front walk.  It's finally planted!

Robert even tapped into our sprinkler system and installed a new riser in the middle of the bed so that the taller plants would get enough water.  He's so handy!  I think I'll keep him. ;)

I still need to put in border grass along the edge to match the rest of the walk, but I'm thinking that will have to be a August/September project after Kylie arrives.  It's hot and I'm just not into being out there anymore right now.

I also planted a few annuals in the bed around our little oak tree and in the bed around the mail box.

And yes, I actually planted that entire bed and all of the other flowers entirely on my own!  Robert was outside with me, but he was working on sanding the furniture that we are refinishing for Kylie's room while I gardened, so it's not like he was laid up in his Lazy-Boy eating bon-bons.

That would be lame.

I have one last flower photo to share. Robert bought me this hydrangea last year as a small potted plant.  The bloom on it this year is so big and pretty! 

I love that my husband knows that I would prefer to have a live plant with roots and all, rather than cut flowers.  Cut flowers are a one time thing, but I will get to enjoy this hydrangea for years to come.  How cool is that?