Sunday, June 3, 2012

Week 34 Ramblings

I'm 34 weeks along now, though this is my 33 week photo...I just didn't get around to a blog post. 

I've decided that I am boycotting the fruit/veggie thing from here on out, unless my iPhone app says that Baby Kylie is as big as a watermelon.  I might have to do that one, because it already looks like I'm smuggling a watermelon under my shirt.

This week my app says she's as big as a pineapple.

Really, app??!

I used a flippin' pineapple at 31 weeks because the cabbage at Wal-Mart was too small.

Oh, what's a girl to do?

My dad had a good thought on it.  He said maybe the app is referring to the circumference of the fruit/veggie.  That would certainly be true of measuring around the cabbage.  It makes total sense there, but not so much around the pineapple this week. 

I give up.  No more stinkin' produce!

At 34 weeks I've decided that I need to quit walking for exercise.  My pup Henry and I went walking last Tuesday (it had been a week or so since my last walk) and when I got home my stomach and pelvic muscles ached really badly.

It hurt to walk that evening, and Wednesday morning I worked from home because it was too painful to walk very far. 

My pelvic muscles still hurt a lot when I'm up walking around, but my stomach muscles are doing better.

I'm guessing the muscle strain is due to my ginormous belly bouncing around during my walk.  What can I say, Henry and I were trying to keep a decent pace!

My doctor said it's probably getting too hard on my body to do that anymore.  She said to get plenty of rest and drink lots of water. 

I think I can handle that.

I managed to get my new flower bed planted two weeks ago...the bed that we tilled and created back in April that runs along our front walk.  It's finally planted!

Robert even tapped into our sprinkler system and installed a new riser in the middle of the bed so that the taller plants would get enough water.  He's so handy!  I think I'll keep him. ;)

I still need to put in border grass along the edge to match the rest of the walk, but I'm thinking that will have to be a August/September project after Kylie arrives.  It's hot and I'm just not into being out there anymore right now.

I also planted a few annuals in the bed around our little oak tree and in the bed around the mail box.

And yes, I actually planted that entire bed and all of the other flowers entirely on my own!  Robert was outside with me, but he was working on sanding the furniture that we are refinishing for Kylie's room while I gardened, so it's not like he was laid up in his Lazy-Boy eating bon-bons.

That would be lame.

I have one last flower photo to share. Robert bought me this hydrangea last year as a small potted plant.  The bloom on it this year is so big and pretty! 

I love that my husband knows that I would prefer to have a live plant with roots and all, rather than cut flowers.  Cut flowers are a one time thing, but I will get to enjoy this hydrangea for years to come.  How cool is that?

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