Monday, July 16, 2012

Meet the Family!

Kylie has had a lot of visitors and has met most of her immediate family already! It's really fun that everyone is so excited to meet her.  I mean, who can blame them?  She's pretty irresistible.  So far, Kylie has met...

Aunt Coco



GG and Memaw

 Uncle Tyler

 Aunt Chelsea

Grandma Sharon

 Grandpa Jim

 Nana and Grandma

Uncle Adam

Grammy Burm

Grandpa & Grandma

 Amber & Robin

 Mary Beth

We were discharged from the hospital on Thursday.  On Saturday my brothers, sister and their families came to visit!  We had five little ones together, all under the age of 4. Aren't they sweet?!

Aunt Heather & Forrest

 Uncle Chris & Emilee


Uncle Steve

I just realized that we didn't get photos with Uncle Kris and Aunt Nicki, but they were there too!  We have also had quite a few friends come by the house, so she is getting to meet everyone.

My momma stayed with us since we left the hospital and she went home on Saturday.  She was an amazing help to all of us while I recovered.  Thanks for everything, Mom! 

Yesterday was our first day together as just the three of us.  We didn't even have any visitors stop by, so we stayed in our PJ's all day and just relaxed together.  It was nice.

Today was the first day that Kylie and I spent on our own together and we had a good time.  For the most part, Kylie is a pretty easy baby.  She sleeps really well at night, I mean, I have to wake her up every 3-4 hours to eat, otherwise she could and would sleep longer.  As a result, we are all getting a good amount of sleep, which really helps!  I hope it stays that way! :)

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  1. That sleep you are getting is impressive! I hope she continued to be a good sleeper for you!

    And that picture of all the kids together is so cute!!!