Monday, August 13, 2012

In da crib, yo!

Last night was Kylie's first night in her crib in her room!

I had a much harder time with it than she did. It wasn't that she is growing up that had me upset, it's that I was so worried that she would be scared waking up in there, alone, in the dark.

I went to put her to bed and I just held her close and cried! It was dark and didn't let her see any tears, because I didn't want to scare her, but I couldn't help it.

She cried once after I left the room, so I went in to console her. We are trying to encourage self-soothing, but I did end up picking her up from her crib and nursing her a little. She relaxed, so I put her back down and then we watched from the monitor as she fell asleep.

I told Robert, here I am, so worried that she will wake up scared, but she is perfectly content right there, because she feels completely secure and doesn't know yet that there is ever anything to be afraid of. She did great and we are so proud of her.

Then the thunderstorms started, the very, very loud, bright thunderstorms. I was jumping at the loud clashes of thunder; Kylie was sleeping through it all.

I laid awake watching the monitor anytime I heard a peep out of her. Finally, an hour or so later, I decided to turn off the video screen so I could sleep. I just pretended like she was in the pack and play next to me and I was able to relax and sleep until she woke me up at 4am!

Her first night by herself in her own room was a success!! Yay, Kylie the big girl!

Friday, August 3, 2012

KK - One Month Old

Kylie is 1 month old today!

What a big girl!!  Photo shoots with a baby are quite funny, as moods and faces are constantly changing.  Here is a sample of random photographs from our shoot today; the many faces of Kylie Brown...

Testify, sister!

 "Little Bundle of hate", as Robert says...


 Hiding a dirty secret (probably in her diaper), "Heh heh heh...fools!"

"I have an idea!"

This one makes my heart hurt because she looks so sad.  She's all, "You're hurting my feelings!"

At one month old, KK is a really good baby for the most part. She is quite dramatic and has a little fake cough that she does when she's starting to get upset, which is completely adorable and funny.

However, it is the fair warning before the wind up.  So take heed, people.

The worse crying we see is when she has a gas bubble stuck or when she is hungry. The rest of the time she's pretty mellow and easy. 

Kylie sleeps anywhere from 3-6 hours at a time at night, which is awesome!  In the middle of the night, she goes directly back to sleep when she's done nursing. 

She's hilarious when she's nursing while half-asleep.  She'll unlatch herself without realizing it and then start going to town gnawing on whatever is close to her mouth...her hands or arm, my arm, her blanket...I call her the baby piranha. 

I don't know how to describe it, but at times Kylie seems mature for her age by looks she gives, like she's deep in thought, or she really understands what we are saying.  It's like she has an old soul and is wise beyond her years already.  It will be interesting to see who she becomes in life.

She amazes us everyday!  Robert and I are truly blessed to be able to be her parents.  We love that little baby to pieces!