Tuesday, September 4, 2012

2 Month Checkup

Kylie had her 2 month checkup today. She's a healthy girl, but very small!  She's in the 12th percentile for height and 30th for weight. I'm not exactly sure how tall folks like me and Robert managed to create such a tiny girl.  

She got her first round of shots this morning, well, she got a couple shots in the hospital when she was born, so I guess this would technically be her second round of shots.

I couldn't watch.  I don't do needles.  

Thankfully, Robert was there to hold her while the nurse administered the shots.  I teared up just listening to her.  She had a few seconds of a delayed reaction, but then screamed and cried sooo loudly.  It was terrible!  

We also got KK some baby zantac for reflux.  She's been having these crying spells almost every evening and she arches her back and just wails and is inconsolable.  It's obvious she is in pain, so thankfully her doctor listened to our concerns and prescribed something to help her.

The doctor is also having us start her on a multivitamin to make sure she is getting the nutrients she needs since she is so tiny.  

Both the zantac and the vitamin taste AWFUL.  I tasted both to see what she would be dealing with and I feel so bad for her that she has to start taking those each day, because they are disgusting.  

That part of being a parent sucks ass.  The shots and the meds...we have to be good parents and make sure she takes them, but holding her down for shots or forcing her to take medicine is not fun at all. Gotta do it though!

Her next appointment will be in early November for her 4 month checkup.

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