Monday, September 10, 2012

Going Back to Work

I'm going back to work two weeks from today. I'm a bit apprehensive about the whole "leaving the house ON TIME" thing, so at Robert's suggestion, I'm using this week and next week to practice.

I got up this morning about 5:45, though my alarm clock went off at 5.

Oh how I wish I were a morning person! My dear old dad gets up at some crazy hour of the morning to walk each day. And by "crazy hour", I'm talking about 4:30 or something like that.

I saw more 4:30am's in college because I stayed up that late, um, "studying", than I have seen 4:30's from waking up that early in my entire existence.

After stepping through the motions of getting ready this morning I realize some of changes that are needed in order to make this happen for real in 2 weeks.

For starters, I need to pump early and have Robert feed Kylie. And that makes me sad. I'm already giving up our day time nursing, but now I really need the morning time back too.

Kylie is not a morning person either. Don't get me wrong, that little girl wakes up so happy, but it takes her forever to wake up. I swear she could lay in bed and just stretch for a good 30 minutes. So, it takes about an hour of time to wake her up, nurse and change her diaper.  And this mom is NOT about to wake up at 4am every morning, so Dad's gotta step in here.

I plan to pack up my pump bag, laptop and diaper bag the night before and I plan to iron my clothes and pick out clothes for KK the night before too so that my mornings won't be as rushed.

I'm both happy and sad about going back to work.  On one hand it will be kind of fun to get out of the house and do something different during the day.  KK and I have our routine and we go walking at Crystal Bridges or go to Wal-Mart, but my goals for the day include things like getting her down for a nap and washing all the bottles.  On the other hand, I'm really, really going to miss hanging out with her all day. I mean, I had a hard time letting her sleep in her own bedroom under the same roof.  How am I going to survive dropping her off at daycare?!  I'm skeerd.

I hope she likes daycare and I hope she adjusts well.  Robert and I have been teaching her how to take a bottle to get her ready for it.  She's not really that good at the bottle yet.  She chokes and cries and fights it, but she is getting the hang of it. 

I plan on practicing my morning routine a few days this week and a few days next week.  I sure wish work started about 10am, rather than 7:30.  Come to think of it, 2:00 would be a great time to get off work.  I could totally do 10-2.  With an hour lunch break. Duh!  A girl's gotta eat!

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