Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!

Well, we did it again this year, we managed to be the scariest house on the block with all of our creepy stuff. Most of the little kids, who were out early in the daylight, were too scared to come up to the porch. And who can blame them? They had to crawl under the cobwebs, past the zombies and monsters to get to the doorbell for some candy.

Oh yes, we waited for them to make it by all that before we came to the door.  And yes, we hid in the shadows, watching and giggling.  Geez, we're so bad! If it looked like the kids were going to turn around and not come on through, we surrendered and went outside with candy.

One dad came under the cobwebs with his tiny kid and then looked surprised when we answered the door.  He said, "Wow, that sure is a scary setup you have, but then you make it to the door and the Flintstones answer and then it's all ok!" 

Yabba Dabba Doo!
I made my Wilma costume and Kylie's Pebbles costume with my mad skillz on my sewing machine.  Pretty good, considering I didn't have a pattern for either one and I was just winging it.  I found my red wig at Wal-Mart.  It was a devil wig, so I just cut the horns off and put it in a Wilma up-do.  And I made my necklace from Styrofoam balls.
I also make a bone for the top of Pebbles' head, but it was awkward and heavy and didn't stay on her head well, so she partied sans-bone on Halloween.  KK still made a pretty cute Pebbles! 

I had found Robert's costume on clearance after Halloween last year, so we had planned to be the Flintstones before we knew if Kylie was going to be a Pebbles or a Bambam. We just lucked out that she turned out to be a redheaded baby girl; the perfect Pebbles! The Flintstones were a big hit. 

Kylie came to the door with us each time to hand out candy, and she was facinated with watching all of the other kids.  She got kind of heavy, carrying her back and forth to the door, so we put her in her stroller and just wheeled her around.  She was so good the whole night!

After we ran out of candy, we went outside to bring the zombies in and we saw some kids walking across the street, pointing to our house and saying, "That was my favorite house!"  Yay, we're the favorite house! Haha!  We sure had fun dressing up to hand out candy. 

Happy Halloween, everyone!
And a very Happy 1st Halloween to our sweet baby Kylie!

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