Sunday, October 21, 2012

War Eagle Craft Fair

My mom came to town this weekend and she and I went to the War Eagle craft fair yesterday.   We had never been before, but it's a pretty big deal around these parts.  It was awesome!!

We had heard rumors about how bad the traffic gets around the fair, so we left the house around 7am to get there in time for it to start at 8.  We didn't hit any real traffic and got right in and scored a close parking spot.  On the way out we passed, literally, miles and miles of cars waiting to get in.  Cars were parked as far as we could see in the fields all around the fair.  Apparently, craft vendors come from all over the US to participate in the fair.

Mom and I were at War Eagle for about 4 hours and we saw everything there was to see.  The vendors had such cool things and great ideas.  Well, except for one booth we passed.  It was like this lady had dragged out her old junk for a garage sale.  I'm not sure what that was all about.  But the REST of it was very neat.

Mom found some good Christmas gifts, so I know what some of you are getting for Christmas!  I take cash bribes if you want to know. (Kidding! Mom, I'm only kidding.) 

I only took a small amount of money with me, because I could potentially go nuts and spend every red cent that Robert and I have on glorious crafts, but then we would probably have to sell our house and I really like our house, so that would be no good.  Because I didn't bring a lot of money, I passed up so many things I wanted to get, but NEXT YEAR....oh I can't wait for next year!

This was my purchase of the day; a very cute hat for an even cuter baby:
I felt ok buying this because she doesn't have a hat yet and it's about to get cold, so I was going to have to get one anyway.  Mom and I also got a ginormous bag of kettle corn.  That's sort of a "must have" when one goes to a fair.  That, and corn dogs.  We got one of those to split too.

Yes, it looks like the War Eagle Craft Fair is going to be an annual (or bi-annual, as there is a fair in May also) mother-daughter event for us.  Hopefully, when Kylie is a bit older, it can turn into a mother-daughter-granddaughter event.

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