Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Snow Days

We got about an inch of ice followed by 4-5 inches of snow Sunday night, so we have been playing in the snow for the past two days.  This is the first year that Kylie has wanted anything to do with the snow.  She was SO excited to go play in it!

We used a bucket to make snow castles.

She made her first snow angel.

And built her first snow-girl! She was NOT happy that we used her owl hat on the snow-girl, "It's miiiiine!"  I reassured her that it was still her hat and she eventually got over it.

She wanted to sit on the snow-girl's "yap". :)

After this photo, Kylie tackled the snow-girl and knocked her over.  She thought that was so funny!  It's been really fun to see her enjoy the snow so much.

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